8 rules for powerful email marketing

Email marketing is a cost-effective way to reach a wide audience quickly but with an inbox full of marketing emails, how can you make yours work harder?

1. Use a personalised introduction

Greet the reader by saying hello and personalise the email introduction for example ‘Hey… Tracey’. Personalisation is a proven method to boost sales and conversions.

2. Don’t forget the subject line

The subject line is very important as this is the first interaction you have with your potential customer.

Use personalisation when relevant and tailor to make it intriguing enough for your reader to want to discover more for example ‘Want to find out how to receive 50% off all our footwear?’

3. Tailor the content to your audience

The content of the email should be relevant and provide clear meaning to the reader.

If the objective is to gain more reviews on your products, trigger the email after a purchase and give the audience an incentive for reviewing a recently bought product for example ‘Thank you for your order Tracey, we hope you love your new matte lipstick, did you know you can get 10% off your next order by sending us a review!’

4. Use responsive emails

By using responsive emails, the layout will be optimised for mobile devices meaning that the recipient will have the best experience possible when reading the email.

Fonts are normally larger, columns are stacked on top of each other and buttons are bigger leading to higher click through rates.

5. Use clear call to actions

Every email should include at least one call to action with clear direction of what you expect the recipient to do next.

Some examples include ‘shop now’, ‘download now’, ‘claim your coupon’, ‘get your 50% off now’, ‘take a survey’ and ‘leave a review’.

6. Sign-off your email

Sign off the email with your company or personal details, include contact information and an unsubscribe link where relevant.

Find out more about email marketing here or contact myself for more information.

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