Does my website need to be responsive?

With the long awaited changes from Google coming in to effect from May onwards earlier this year, I thought a post on mobile friendly websites was definitely overdue. The new change meant that non-responsive websites (websites which are not optimised for phones, tablets and other smaller devices) could see an impact in search listings.

If you are not yet using a responsive design for your website, there is no need to panic but you do need to think about this especially if your site receives many mobile visitors and looks poor on a smart phone.

Use this mobile friendly test tool from Google to find out how your current website performs and search for your website using a phone to find out how you currently rank on mobiles.

If you don’t receive many mobile visitors at the moment, this is very likely to change in the near future so it is wise to start thinking about a design for your website which adapts to the viewing environment resulting in higher conversion rates and with no impact on your search listings.

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