How does the website design process work?

I always aim to make the website design process as simple as possible for any project but they normally consist the following stages..

1) Planning and preparation
Depending on the complexity of the project, this can range from a simple phone call to several meetings in which the outcome is the main purpose of the website, a clear indication of your requirements and a creative solution proposed.

2) Design
The next step would be for myself to create a series of mock up web site designs in which you will be asked to carefully consider each one and review.

3) Development
Once the website design is signed off, a process usually required to be confirmed in writing, the domain name is registered, the hosting set up and the actual creation of the web site begins.

4) Testing
Upon completion of your web site, and after uploading to a testing server, it is time to test the site.

Once you’re happy with the web site’s functionality, it is ready to go live!

5) Final Analysis
New websites are monitored carefully after launch to make sure that Google has started taking notice and tweaks made regularly to increase your online listing in the search engines.

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